PWRcard for Samsung Galaxy S5: wireless charging new arrival

April 21, 2014

It’s already S5 mania all around, the new version of the most famous and successful Samsung phone is just about to be released and many shops are already accepting pre-orders: it is going to be huge! At a first glance, the only missing feature for this great new smart is a full support to the new amazing wireless charging standards, too bad Samsung did not add it, but thanks to Fonesalesman the problem is solved. Fonesalesman, a leading designer and manufacturer of wireless charging devices, has just launched the PWRcard, an amazing chip-card which will transform a normal S5 into a fully Qi-compatible device. It’s super easy and incredibly smart: simply apply the chip-card on top of the S5 battery... Continue Reading →

A Case for iQi Mobile

January 02, 2014

I am sure you all well know the feeling when you open the package of your new iPhone and you finally get to start playing with it. Amazing, isn’t it? I know, I know and the case is so shining, well-polished and never touched by hand. Unfortunately, at least it happens to me, it takes usually a few hours before the phone accidentally falls from my hand and the first scratch appears on flawless precious iPhone. That’s why cases are so handy and important. iPhone cases have become more just a way to protect your phone but also a way to express your personality and And now, your case will also seamlessly hides the iQi Mobile. So, not only it... Continue Reading →